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Andrew Stock

Recent works in stone

Andrew Stock is a sculptor with over 25 years experience, including corporate, community and Public art commissions. Andrew has acquired a range of skills and experience in working with diverse materials for the past years operating a Sculpture workshop. He has been employed for some years as a Lecturer at the North Adelaide School of Art and in 1999 was a consultant Lecturer to the University of Adelaide, Department of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. Andrew believes that the role of public art is to engage and inform (not alienate) the public; to develop community culture and integrate art with daily life, by enriching the aesthetic environment. 
As a designer and fabricator with academic qualifications in community development, Andrew brings an understanding of the needs and procedures of public art to the projects he becomes involved in. This includes consultation with relevant interested parties, and facilitating the development and consolidation of ideas, themes and images generated during this process. Having extensive experience in community consultation, and believing that this process is integral to successful community ownership of artworks. 

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