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Formation of the South Australian Stone Sculptors Association was initiated by master stone sculptor Silvio Apponyi. Established in 2019, the association aims to promote stone sculpting via regular sculpting events and workshops. Our member sculptors are also taking commissions large and small and some existing works are also available for purchase.

For more information please contact Sally Wickes via email at or use the form on our contacts page.

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New exciting events & workshops in April 2024! the Creative Pursuits Art Festival in Macclesfield!

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Explore the Macclesfield Creative Pursuits Art Festival with SASSA sculptors on site carving hard stone sculptures over 9 days, stone lettering, introduction to soft stone sculpting workshops ... 28 April to 5 May 2024.

Great music and arts events, exhibitions, crafts, children's activities...some free, all for fun!!

Previous Commissions

Upcoming Events & workshops

Long View Winery - Peter Syndicas, 2020

Mount Barker Council - Quentin Gore, 2019


The next event is a 9 day mini stone sculpture symposium to be held at Crystal Lake Park, Macclesfield from 27 April to 5 May includes live sculpting by various members of the SA Stone Sculptors Association. For more information visit our events page or contact Sally Wicks by email :


An introduction to letter carving in stone with instructors Greg Hanlon and Evan Marker. A four day workshop from 16-19 April held at Adelaide central School of Art. For more information visit our events page​ or contact Evan Marker by email

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